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equity-planners - Equity Planners

Subject: Equity Planners

Equity Planners, an email list to help those planning the FP monthly Equity happy hour stay in touch. Equity takes place every month on the second Wednesday, from roughly 6 to 9:30PM at Asiento, 21st and Bryant, SF.

Currently JD is doing all the booking, Ben has been writing promo for the FP web page, Ben and Zach have shared setting up the Facebook invite and cranking out an investors email, and everyone has taken turns hosting, with Orange stepping up most frequently when JD can't do it. Griffin has been willing to host occasionally too. More recruits are needed to help keep this operation going.

Equity Planners know that spreadsheets are only as valuable as the info we stick inside 'em. If you got info, stick it in our gdoc here.

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