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parents - Parents

Subject: Parents

We talk about parent-related stuff. Anything from kids, to relationships, health, mobile apps, etc.


Across the board we all love the list. YAY. We love the depth of information, the vulnerability of shares, the willingness to express doubt, and the baseline of understanding.

For list size, people who weighed in said they prefer a smaller list to a larger one. There is a preference from the a few that new people already know a few people in the group. There is clear agreement that we want to trust each other to add people to this list and bring them in thoughtfully.

There is also clear agreement that a 1-2 times a year simple role-call email is worth doing. We like our lurkers, but don't want any dead-letter boxes.

So that's pretty much it. If you want to add someone, we trust you, you're vouching for them, you think they are as smart and thoughtful as everyone here, you think they know a few of us and if they don't you're sure that they should, and you think it's worth expanding the list numbers to add them.

If you want to add someone:

1. Submit their email here.
2. Email me to let me know that you vouch for them.
3. Once I approve them, make sure they send an intro about themselves, their family, how they know the group, and why they're here.

Thank you everyone for your honest feedback.

- Marc
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