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This is a list for men. Please respect the man-rules 1. Post interesting/relevant content. Man stuff, dad stuff, sex stuff, any stuff that's relevant to men. 2. Do not hijack threads with dumb dick-jokes (you will be warned, then removed). 3. While email itself is not confidential, please treat the contents of this list as such. Should you deem something share-worthy, generally avoid attributing content to a specific man. Use your _best_ judgement about what is or is not appropriate to share outside the list. If you have shitty judgement, please ask a friend on this list before sharing. If you fuck up, you will be asked to clear things up with anyone you offended and decide with them on what if anything to do about it. This is basic man-law. 4. Don't be a dick. thanks, -marc, zach, sam
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